Akiro was a vampire in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Making his debut in the series' eleventh book, "Dead Reckoning", Akiro is Victor's new second-in-command, but met an untimely demise during the attack at Fangtasia, a vampire nightclub in Shreveport, Louisiana.


"Dead Reckoning"Edit

In "Dead Reckoning", Akiro takes Bruno's place as Victor's second just in time for the assassination party at Fangtasia. He reacts quickly when Eric attempts to stake Victor, brining his sword down on Eric's arm and hewing through Mindy Simpson's shoulder on the way, killing her almost instantly. He is attacked by Thalia, who manages to do some damage before he cuts off her arm, and is finally killed by Eric after refusing to surrender.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sookie describes Akiro as an Asian male with ivory skin and jetblack hair pulled up on his head in a complicated knot.


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