Alain is a vampire in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". It is revealed in the book Definitely Dead that Alain is Sophie-Anne's maker.



A former priest turned into a vampire, Alain discovers Sophie-Anne and Clovis in the woods and, after feeding on Clovis, promises to bring Sophie-Anne over but decides instead to use her in the same way that Clovis had, selling her "services"  when he needs money. When Alain is captured in a village that he had visited before and now recognizes him for what he is, Sophie-Anne seeks to rescue him but first has to fulfill his promise to turn her. The village priest returns before she can rise to free Alain, and he meets the dawn at the hands of the villagers.

Definitely DeadEdit

In Definitely Dead, Sophie-Anne mentions Alain when she tells Sookie of her turning.

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