Southern Vampire Mysteries

Alcee Beck is a detective in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Living in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, Alcee dislikes Sookie Stackhouse and believes completely in her ability to read minds.


Alcee is the only African American detective on the Renard Parish force.

Dead to the World[]

Alcee aids Sookie in her quest to look for her brother, after he is kidnapped. He is also involved with the search for Jason.

From Dead to Worse[]

He particularly resents Sookie because a Were tries to kill Sookie in From Dead to Worse, and to do so, grabs Alcee's wife, endangering her.

Physcial Appearance[]

Alcee is dark skinned and has some weight to him. 


Alcee oftern takes the opportunity to line his own pockets at the expense of his fellow African Americans. However, he's a good detective and fiercely loyal to his wife and family.


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