Alcide and Debbie
First met
Prior to Dead Until Dark
Intimacy level
Lovers (formerly)
Portrayed by
Joe Manganiello and Brit Morgan
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Alcide Herveaux and Debbie Pelt were the first Were relationship shown in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries".

Before Club DeadEdit


Club DeadEdit

Alcide swears that he is getting rid of Debbie, but underneath still loves her. (There is some doubts about this by Alcide because he thinks Debbie has a hold over him due to Debbie's mother being a Spellcaster, and wonders if Debbie is too. It is proven in later books that Tanya Wright is also influenced by some kind of magic by Sandra Pelt or another witch working for Sandra). Debbie won't let go of Alcide. Even during her engagement party to another man, werefox/lynx Debbie can't resist a few pointed comments to Alcide and Sookie, his date. After being bested verbally, by Sookie, she pushes her in a car with a hungry, but comatose and tortured Bill Compton. Alcide does not quite believe it was debbie, and they have a fight, while Sookie asks Eric to drive her home, still angry with Bill for leaving her. Debbie later tells and easily convinces Alcide that Sookie has gone back to Bill, so they renew their relationship. Sookie later makes this clear to Alcide that it isn't true, and Alcide STILL stays with Debbie. This is another reason why Alcide thinks there is magic involved, but Sookie just thinks Alcide is too gullible.

Dead to the WorldEdit

When Debbie joins the Weres in the Witch War everyone is appalled when Bill identifies Debbie as one of the shifters who tortured him at Russell's compound, and Alcide abjures her. She is not allowed to leave, lest she warn the witches to be vindictive, and comes with the others to kill Hallow, and the rest of her witches, and there she tries to kill Sookie in the midst of the fight to make it look like Sookie was just a casualty of the witch war, but Eric stops her and tries to kill her by choking her.  

After the Witch War, being defeated in her attempt to kill Sookie by eric, Debbie lies in wait in Sookie's kitchen with a gun. She shoots at Sookie, but Eric takes the bullet, and Sookie grabs Jason's benelli and uses it to kill Debbie.

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