Southern Vampire Mysteries

Amelia Broadway (née Carmichael) is a witch in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries".


Definitely Dead[]

Amelia Broadway is a witch that first appears in Definitely Dead. She was the landlady of Sookie's cousin Hadley in New Orleans. She accidentally turns a fellow witch named Bob into a cat (that Sookie and Amelia keep as a pet). She promptly leaves the city of New Orleans with Sookie to stay until things blow over. Her father is a very wealthy and well known building contractor in the lumber business. She is also bisexual and had a brief relationship with Pam before she begins a relationship with Tray Dawson. Amelia leaves Bon Temps and returns to New Orleans after Tray dies in the Fae War, but remains in contact with Sookie by the occasional email.

Dead Reckoning[]

Amelia returns in Dead Reckoning to help Sookie break the blood bond between her and Eric. She leaves soon after due to angering Sookie by meddling in her personal life.