Southern Vampire Mysteries

The Ancient Pythoness was a vampire in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Appearing only in the book "All Together Dead", the Ancient Pythoness was an oracle who was approximately 2400 years old.


Physical Appearance[]

Pythoness is describe as old and has grey hair. She is also blind and cannot see. 



The original Oracle consulted by Alexander the Great, the Ancient Pythoness was so revered that she was brought over even in her old age and is now cared for by her handmaidens.

"All Together Dead"[]

In "All Together Dead", the Ancient Pythoness sits in judgement at the trail of Sophie-Anne Leclerq at the summit in Rhodes, ruling in Sophie-Anne's favor after hearing the testimony of Sookie Stackhouse. g

Powers and Abilities[]

Due to her age she is an immensely powerful vampire but because of her blindness she is kept by other vampires and is only "brought out" on special events.


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