Andre Paul was Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq's second in command, and her vampire offspring



Orphaned as a teenager, he was found in the woods and turned by Sophie-Anne a few years after her own turning and has been her most loyal bodyguard, companion, and lover ever since. He considers Sophie-Anne to be his maker and savior, and will protect her with his own life.

Definitely DeadEdit

In Definitely Dead, during the ectoplasmic reconstruction of Jake Purifoy's turning at the hands of Hadley's apartment, Andre is able to read lips and let the other watcher know what is being said. Afterward it is Andre who tells Sookie that she has fairy blood when they pretend to have sex as an excuse for time alone with Sophie-Anne to tell their story. Andre's only concern is the well-being of Sophie-Anne; he kills her husband, Peter Threadgill, after Peter's vampires attack at the reception for the couple at Sophie-Anne's monastery and escorts his queen safely away.

All Together DeadEdit

In All Together Dead, after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, Andre arranges a meeting with Sookie, Eric, and his vampires to make plans for the upcomong vampire summit, where Sophie-Anne will face charges for the death of Peter. Once at the summit, Andre demonstrates his willingness to do anything necessary to benefit his his queen by trying to force Sookie into a blood bond to strengthen her connection to him. He is interrupted by Eric, who bonds with Sookie instead. Quinn comes upon the scene and is furious that the vampires are attempting to control Sookie. After the hotel explodes, an injured Andre is found by Sookie at the same time she finds Quinn. She walks away knowing that Quinn is moving toward Andre to eliminate the threat to Sookie's free will. Andre meets his final death in the ruins of the Pyramid of Gizeh.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Andre appears youthful, approximately sixteen. He has thick, fair hair. His skin is described as baby-smooth. Normally, Andre is armed with a sabre, even though he himself is deadly.


Sookie Stackhouse Novels appearances
"Dead Until Dark" "Living Dead in Dallas" "Club Dead" "Dead to the World"
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