Southern Vampire Mysteries

Annabelle Bannister is a werewolf in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". A member of the Air Force, Annabelle is reassigned from South Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base, near Shreveport, Louisiana.


"Dead in the Family"[]

In "Dead in the Family", as a werewolf, Annabelle transfers from the Elk Killer Pack to the Long Tooth Pack. She starts dating Alcide Herveaux. When Basim al Saud's body is fond on Sookie's property, she confessess that she was also secretly seeing Basim. She had nothing to do with Basim's death and so ultimately is not convicted of betraying the pack, though she is punished for her unfaithfulness.

Powers and Abilities[]

Annabelle is a Werewolf. She seems to be more powerful than an average Human or a Werewolf, but weaker than a Vampire of a moderate age. Werewolves appear to have heightened senses while in Human form.


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