Southern Vampire Mysteries

Antonio was a vampire in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Leather-clad and appearing only in the book Dead Reckoning, Antonio is one of Victor Madden's vampire bodyguards, but was staked in the back by Maxwell Lee.


Dead Reckoning[]

In Dead Reckoning, Antonio and Luis are mentally nicknamed the Bobbesy Twins by Sookie as they take her, Eric, Pam to Victor's table at Vampire's Kiss. After the meeting, he and Luis usher the trio out the parking lot and make a claim of dissatisfaction with Victor to tempt Eric into betraying their regent, but an astute Eric denies them, believing it is a trap. 

Luis and Antonio attend Bubba's performance, entering Fangtasia first to secure Victor's arrival. Both are entranced as they watch the concert from their positions guarding the door. When the attack begins, Antonio struggles with Palomino and is staked in the back by Maxell Lee.

Physical Appearance[]

Antonio is described as "leather-clad."


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