Appius Livius Ocella, commonly known simply as Ocella, was a vampire in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". The maker of vampires Eric Northman and Alexei Romanov, Appius was turned vampire himself about the time Jesus walked the earth.



Turned around the time of Jesus, so he already centuries old when he turns Eric, his first success at siring a child. He teaches Eric how to be a vampire, educates Eric in Ocella's own sexual proclivities, and finally sets Eric free after several centuries. Ocella is also successful in saving Alexei Romanov, the tsarevich of Russia, from execution shortly after the Russian Revolution. Able to track the royal family because Rasputin has been giving hemophiliac Alexei his blood, the ancient vampire finds the royal family and watches as their bullet-ridden bodies are first thrown down a well and then dug up and reburied. Sensing a spark of life in Alexei, he can't resist trying to save him.

Dead in the FamilyEdit

In Dead in the Family, he arrives at Sookie's house with Alexei in tow, hoping the presence of Eric will calm his troubled child. Spoiled in life, Alexei has descended into madness in death, haunted by the memories of the slaughter of his entire family. Even with Eric's assistance, Ocella is unable to control Alexei, who sneaks out twice, resulting in a human death both times. Alexei finally completely snaps, killing Bobby Burnham and Felicia and badly wounding Eric and Pam. Ocella goes after his child, but Alexei severs his spinal column. Ocella lies in Sookie's front yard, incapable of stopping Alexei, who gleefully battling fairies Claude and Colman. After Alexei is finally killed by Eric, who soon learns that his maker has arranged a marriage between him and Freyda, the Queen of Oklahoma. Eric feels he must honor Ocella's contract. Appius Livius is killed when Colman, a fairy, accidentally puts a sword through the wounded and immobile Appius Livius while trying to kill Sookie.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to his extreme age, he has been mentioned as one the strongest and most experienced vampire in the world. It can be assumed that he has the ability to fly.

Ocella has all conventional vampire weaknesses, however, due his age he is extremely vulnerable to sunlight.


  • Sookie notes that Appius' name is pronounced like the classical Latin, “Appius Liwius Okella”.


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