Barry Horowitz
Basic Info
Book(s): 3
First Seen Living Dead in Dallas
Last Seen Dead Ever After
Appeared in: (see below)
Mentioned in: Dead and Gone
Status: Alive
Age: 20s
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Also Known As: Barry the Bellboy
Barry Bellboy
Origin: Unknown; presumed Dallas, Texas
Profession: Bellboy
Human Telepath for Stan Davis
Species: Human/Demon Hybrid
Powers and Abilities: Telepathy
Family Members: Desmond Cataliades - great-great-great grandfather
Portrayed By Chris Coy

Barry "The Bellboy" Horowitz is a porter in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Working at the Silent Shore Hotel in Dallas, Texas, Barry helps Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton during their stay and investigation into Godric's disappearance.


Living Dead in DallasEdit

In Living Dead in DallasSookie quickly notices that he is telepathic, but he does not want anyone to know about his abilities, despite Sookie's joy at meeting him, as she had never before encountered another telepath. He is inadvertently “outed” by Sookie when she calls upon him telepathically to rescue her from her kidnapping by the Fellowship of the Sun.

All Together DeadEdit

In All Together Dead, Sookie meets him again at the Vampire Summit conference she finds him to be more confident. Now he is known as “Barry Bellboy” and currently works for the King of Texas, Stan Davis. Barry enjoys money and buys himself designer clothes. He admits to fantasizing about being in a romantic relationship with Sookie, but he realizes that is not to be when they meet again at the Summit, and he ends up being wary of Sookie and some of the things she has done. He is the first to discover the plot to bomb the hotel where the summit is held. After the devastating explosion, he and Sookie help rescue workers search for survivors in the rubble. The two discover that when they hold hands, their telepathic abilities are magnified. At the end of this novel, they part on rocky terms because of the differences in their moral and ethical beliefs.


In Deadlocked, Sookie learns that Barry is the great-great-great grandson of Mr. Cataliades. The part-demon lawyer looks after Barry, but in secret; Barry does not know of the relationship. It is for that reason that he has the gift of telepathy.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Barry is Jewish with pale skin, naturally dark hair color and blue eyes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Barry is one of the few other humans that possesses telepathy, like Sookie. Barry can read minds and hear other people's thoughts. He can also scan or detect minds and other telepaths. Barry can telepathically call or contact Sookie possibly whenever he wants to but they have to be at a distance or know where they are.


Midnight, TexasEdit

In the series "Midnight, Texas", Barry appears in the series' second book, "Day Shift", where more is revealed about his past. He divulges information about his grandfather, Shorty, and Shorty's love for thievery, as well as talking about his grandmother, and his knowledge of Sookie Stackhouse.

HBO portrayalEdit

In the HBO series True Blood, Barry's character undergoes a number of changes from book to screen. He is portrayed by Chris Coy  through the series.


Sookie Stackhouse Novels appearances
"Dead Until Dark" Living Dead in Dallas "Club Dead" "Dead to the World"
"Dead as a Doornail" "Definitely Dead" All Together Dead "From Dead to Worse"
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