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Asnow89 Asnow89 1 May 2015

Ask Charlaine Harris YOUR Questions

HEY Charlaine Harris fans!

Guess what? Wikia's Y.A. Society is moderating a panel at BookCon on May 31, which is featuring... Charlaine Harris!!! We are really excited to have the opportunity to meet Charlaine and ask her YOUR questions!

The panel will be focused on her new Midnight Texas Trilogy, as well as general questions about Harris' life as an author, how she interacts with her fans, and about the main characters in her book series.

What are YOUR burning questions?

P.S. Do you also love Sarah J. Maas (of the Throne of Glass books) or Rae Carson (of the Fire and Thorns books)? They will ALSO be on the BookCon panel...ask them questions here!

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Adamantoise Adamantoise 2 March 2015

Slow steps towards the future

Hey everyone! For those of you keeping up with my blog over on the True Blood Wiki, you know our wiki is changing, slowly but surely. Not exactly something we wanted to happen, but something Wikia is forcing upon all wikis. The first change was the change to the Global navigation bar. We are in Stage 2 now, where the bar at least develops transparency as you scroll down the page.

The look and feel of the overall site aesthetics will also change, slowly but surely. As my blog article Our wiki is fixing to change... drastically. states, some wikis are already using the new look.

The latest change eliminates the Special:Promote module, which, unfortunately, I never got a chance to play around with before its untimely demise. In an effort to …

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Adamantoise Adamantoise 8 September 2014

Consistency and Uniformity Throughout

Those of you who know me from the Southern Vampire Mysteries sister wiki - the True Blood wiki, than you know I'm somewhat hellbent on achieving consistency and uniformity throughout. While I know I am still somewhat new here, I have been a fan of the True Blood series since I first saw the very first ad for it. And being that this series of book was the basis for the series makes them even more special and worthy of attention. Setting the standard, and revealing canon not normally found in the series, the novels are the true basis for the world that we know and love. I hold the television series and the novels equally in my heart and they both go hand in hand. Therefore it wouldn't be right to do one and not the other. Both are equally…

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Nameless Wikia contributer Nameless Wikia contributer 6 September 2013

Too much True Blood influence


I couldn't help but notice that some information has been copied and pasted from the True Blood Wikia. Especially the Vampire page. One thing I noticed is that whenever a vampire's abilities are described, the same sentence/word structure is used when describing vampire abilities on True Blood Wikia. Like Eric was mentioned as being fast enough to see a bullet in flight. That only happened on the show. Never happened in the books as far as I remember. There are more things, but it pretty much amounts to the same. Too much has been copied from True Blood Wikia, especially when True Blood specific things are put in. Has anyone else noticed this?

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DragonMama DragonMama 1 March 2013

Missing something?

In Definitely Dead, the author refers to Hadley, her death, and scenes where Sookie is in court with Hadley's killer.  I don't recall all this in any of the previous books?

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Meganhassler Meganhassler 19 May 2011

Does Bill have a chance?

Does Bill Compton have a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of Sookie?

With his continued use and abuse of Sookie throughout the beginning of the series and his alterior motives in originally meeting Sookie she has endured a lot in the relationship.

But after Bill's trip in Club Dead to see Lorena, his unfaithfulness and his abuse of Sookie she broke things off.

Since then he has always been looking out for Sookie and we all know he still has feelings for her. Do you think he has a chance with Sookie? Should she forgive him or move on?

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XD1 XD1 21 August 2010


The only admin listed on this wiki has been inactive since 2008... is anyone interested in taking over admin duties here? If so, let me know on my talk page so I can see it when I'm working on other wikis. :) 11:19, August 21, 2010 (UTC)

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Scarecroe Scarecroe 25 September 2009

Blogs are now live!

Have a favorite book from the series? Write about the character you most identify with. Blogs are now live on this wiki!

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