Southern Vampire Mysteries

Bob Jessup is a witch that is the boyfriend of Amelia Broadway.


Definitely Dead[]

In Definitely Dead, Bob is one of the three witches Amelia hires to do the ectoplasmic reconstruction at Hadley's apartment with her. Although he looks somewhat like a Mormon missionary, Bob actually a hairdresser with a sardonic, intellectual sexiness that catches Amelia's attention. They indulge in a night of sex afterward, rousing the next afternoon in time to alert the queen's headquarters that Sookie and Quinn have been kidnapped. Bob stays with Amelia again the night of the queen's reception, and their play takes an unexpected downturn when Amelia mistakenly transforms him into a cat.

All Together Dead[]

In All Together Dead, when Amelia moves to Bon Temps, Bob lives as a cat with Sookie and Amelia until Amelia's mentor, Octavia Fant, is able to transform him back to human. While in feline form, he misses the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina, and upon his return to human form, he leaves almost immediately to reestablish contact with his family and friends.

From Dead to Worse[]

In From Dead to Worse, after finding that the aunt and uncle who raised him are safe in Natchez, Bob eventually wends his way back to New Orleans, taking a job at the Happy Cutter and going to the Genuine Magic Shop just three blocks away to ask about Amelia. They reestablish their relationship. 

Dead Reckoning[]

In Dead Reckoning, he joins his girlfriend when she travels to Bon Temps to renew the wards around Sookie's house, and participates in the ceremony to break Sookie's blood bond with Eric.

Physical Appearance[]

Bob is described as having a Mormon appearance. He is skinny and has a geeky look.


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