Breandan Brigant was the son of Niall Brigant's brother, Rogan in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". On a mission to eradicate those of mixed fae blood, Breandan is also a Prince, like Niall, but he is prince to the Water Fey.



Since his father's death, Breandan has been on a mission to eradicate those of mixed fae blood, believing that they dilute the magic of the fae. He is pleased to be able to target Niall's own descendents.

"Dead and Gone"Edit

In "Dead and Gone", Breandan sends Lochlan amd Neave to scout out Bon Temps, where they discover an injured Crystal at Jason's, take her to Merlotte's and crucify her. He has them kidnap Sookie to use as a bargaining chip with Niall, counting on Niall's love for his great-granddaughter to force him to accede to Breandan's determination to close off Faery from the human world. Breandan joins the attack on the hospital where Sookie, Bill, and Tray are recuperating after Sookie's rescue. He evades Eric and beheads Clancy as he goes for Bill. Gathering his strength, Tray grabs at Breandan and is killed by the fairy, who turn meets his own death from Bill by means of Sookie's iron gardening trowel. One of Claudine's knitting needles protrudes from Breandan's shoulder, a sign he claimed Claudine and her unborn child as victims on his way into the hospital.


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