Southern Vampire Mysteries
What is the law?

The client's word.
-Motto of the Britlingen Collective

The Britlingen Collective are beings from another dimension in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Britlingens are reputed to be the best bodyguards of the world and must be summoned by a witch, who negotiates a contract with their guild. They only accept gold for payment and will return to their dimension when their contract is fulfilled - and Britlingens always fulfill their contracts.


All Together Dead[]

In All Together Dead, Batanya and Clovache are hired by Isaiah, the King of Kentucky, to guard him during the vampire summit in Rhodes. 

Physical Appearance[]

Most of the Britlingens have a strong build and well developed muscles. Sookie noticed that Batanya even had muscles in her butt.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Enhanced Strength - Britlingens are shown to be slightly stronger then regular humans and are actually counted as the strongest of bodyguards. They can overpower humans, and easily ragdoll them.
  • Longevity - While they are not immortal, Britlingens have a longer lifespan than human.

Known Britlingens[]