Cal Myers is a Werewolf and detective from Shreveport, Louisiana. He stands as Patrick Furnan’s second during the packmaster challenge between Furnan and Jackson Herveaux, cheating by using gloves laced with a desensitizing drug to handle a silver bar during the second part of the contest so that Furnan can hold the bar longer. Cal’s own thoughts betray him and Sookie reveals their treachery. Although Furnan remains in the contest and does triumph, Cal is eventually punished by having his head shaved. Cal appears in the ectoplasmic reconstruction performed by Amelia Broadway and Octavia Fant to determine who murdered Maria-Star Cooper. He is seen repeatedly stabbing the defenseless woman as another Were holds her down after breaking into her apartment. He is exposed as working with Priscilla Hebert, his half sister, against the Shreveport pack and is no doubt at least partially responsible for the deaths of Libby Furnan and Christine Larrabee as well. He is the first victim in the Were war, eviscerated by Furnan while simultaneously being partially beheaded by Alcide.

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