Southern Vampire Mysteries

Charles Twining is a vampire in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Appearing only in the book "Dead as a Doornail", Charles was hired by Eric Northman to look after Sookie Stackhouse, but was ultimately staked.

Physical Appearance[]

Charles is an Englishman with an eye patch who was a pirate in his human life.




Charles is a vampire.

"Dead as a Doornail"[]

In the book "Dead as a Doornail", Charles is sent to Louisiana by his grand-sire Hot Rain to retaliate against Eric for the death of Hot Rain's child Long Shadow. Eric believes that Charles has come to Louisiana from Mississippi, where he was employed by King Russell Edgington. After listening to local gossip, Charles decides that killing Eric's beloved Sookie will be an appropriate revenge. Eric inadvertently plays right into Hot Rain's hands by sending Charles to Bon Temps when Sam needs a temporary bartender. Charles then finagles an invitation from Sookie to stay at her house, and he sets the place on fire. He's already killed a human who has been set up to take the blame. Sookie's fairy godmother rescues the unsuspecting Sookie, and the fire is put out. It isn't until Charles sees Bubba and comments that he's never heard him sing that Sookie realizes Charles could not have been in Russell's employ and thus is not who he claimed to be, since Bubba did perform for Russell and his vamps. Charles makes a desperate attempt to kills Sookie at Merlotte's, but the attempt is thwarted when she stuffs a silver chain in his mouth, giving the bar regulars time to overpower him. Admitting that he failed in his task and preferring the final death to imprisonment, Charles is staked by Catfish Hennessy.

HBO Portrayal[]

The character Charles Twining does not appear in the HBO original series True Blood.


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