Basic Info
Book(s): 3
First Seen Living Dead in Dallas
Last Seen Dead to the World
Appeared in: (see below)
Mentioned in: Dead as a Doornail
Status: Deceased
Age: 149 (vampire years)
Date of Birth: c. 1860
Date of Death: January 4, 2004
Also Known As:
Origin: China
Profession: *Part owner of Fangtasia
  • Bartender
Species: Vampire
Powers and Abilities: *Enhanced strength, speed, senses, co-ordination, balance and durability
  • Ability to heal all injuries
  • Immortality
  • Can extend and retract fangs to drink from humans
  • Ability to glamour humans
Family Members:
Portrayed By Patrick Gallagher

Chow was a vampire in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". He was a member of Louisiana's Area Five vampire district.


"Living Dead in Dallas" & "Club Dead"Edit

In both Living Dead in Dallas and Club Dead, Chow, bartender and part owner of Fangtasia, is quite drawn for the tourist who frequents the bar.

"Dead to the World"Edit

In Dead to the World, when given Hallow Stonebrook's terms by the young witch acting as a messenger, he angrily attacks, causing a spell attached to the witch to activate and poofing Eric from his office. Chow pays the ultimate price during the Witch War, succumbing to his final death at the hands of a witch with a wooden knife.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is an Asian vampire with a small build and long black hair. He is no more than five foot seven and every inch of his visible skin (except for his face) is covered with intricate Japanese Yakuza tattoos.

HBO portrayalEdit

In the HBO series True Blood, Chow's character undergoes a number of changes from book to screen. He is portrayed by Patrick Gallagher throughout the series.


Sookie Stackhouse Novels appearances
"Dead Until Dark" Living Dead in Dallas Club Dead Dead to the World
"Dead as a Doornail" "Definitely Dead" "All Together Dead" "From Dead to Worse"
"Dead and Gone" "Dead in the Family" "Dead Reckoning" "Deadlocked"
"Dead Ever After"
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