Southern Vampire Mysteries
You dumb shit, Clete! Who was he calling?

Clete is a werewolf in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Clete and several other Weres are hired by Gordon and Barbara Pelt to grab Sookie Stackhouse in New Orleans and bring her to an isolated house in the swamp for interrogation about their daughter Debbie's death. 

Physical Appearance[]

Clete is tall, but he is shorter than his partner George.



Definitely Dead[]

In Definitely Dead, Clete snatches Quinn and Sookie and place them in a van. During the drive there, Sookie stabs Clete in the face with a screwdriver to force the driver, George, to panic and pull over so that she and Quinn can make their escape into the swamp. Quinn is outraged at Clete's handling of Sookie and makes certain Clete pays when, in tiger form, he tracks the Weres to the isolated house where the Pelts are waiting and surprises the abductors sitting outside having a smoke.


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