Southern Vampire Mysteries

Dermot Brigant is Sookie Stackhouse's great uncle, Niall Brigant's son, and Fintan's fraternal twin brother in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". He appears in the novels Dead and Gone, Dead in the Family and Dead Reckoning and said to look like he could be Jason's twin, and it is hard to tell them apart. He ends up saving Sookie from being killed by Colman at the end of Dead in the Family.


In the book following Dead In The Family, it is mentioned by Sam Merlotte that Dermot may be beginning to develop a physical attraction towards Sookie. Throughout 'Dead Reckoning' they are drawn closer as a result of Claude. Whether he is attracted to Sookie isn't told to us by the end of the book, but it isn't unusual for fairies to ignore blood relations and break into relationships. He is a sky fairy and is also known to be very gracious towards his family. However he is not so fond of his brother's close friend, Mr. Cataliades.