Amy Ludwig

Dr Ludwig

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Unknown; possibly a Hobbit (tongue in cheek supposition of Sookie's). In the showtime series 'True Blood' the character Niall, Sookie's Fae grandfather, implied that Ludwig is a member of the folkloric Dwarven peoples.
Can heal

Amy Ludwig is a doctor to supernatural beings in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is around three feet tall with a deep voice. She has a large nose and olive skin. Her hair is coarse golden brown and very thick and wavy.



Living Dead in DallasEdit

Dr. Ludwig heals Sookie in Living Dead in Dallas after she is poisoned by the claws of a maenad. Dr. Ludwig later comes to help Crystal at the request of Sookie. Dr. Ludwig's answering machine states that she is not accepting new patients.

Dead and GoneEdit

In Dead and Gone, Sookie muses as to whether or not Dr. Ludwig might be a Hobbit, but she is unable to check to see if she is wearing shoes.

HBO PortrayalEdit

Marcia de Rousse portrays Dr. Ludwig on the HBO original series True Blood.

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