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Fangtasia is a popular vampire bar in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Located in Shreveport, Louisiana, vampire Eric Northman, the Sheriff of Shreveport, owns the bar, with his child Pam as his junior partner in the business. Longshadow, a longtime friend of Eric's and their first bartender, was also a partner in the business before his death. Pam often acts as hostess.

The bar is heavily patronized by tourists, eager to catch sight of "real" vampires. Fangbangers also gather there in the hopes of becoming a vampire's "pet." All vampires in Eric's territory are required to put in time at Fangtasia, to keep the tourists and fangbangers happy, though many of them hate doing so.

The bar markets and sells its own merchandise in the attached gift shop. Its most sensational items are the nude calendars, one for men and one for women, which feature photos of Shreveport vampires. Though Eric receives the largest share of the profits, all the vampires who appear in it get a share. Eric is Mr. January in the calendar for women; Pam appears with a whip in the men's calendar. Since the owner of the bar also happens to be the Sheriff of Area 5, the bar doubles as headquarters to Area 5. When you visit the bar you can expect to hear the radio station KDED playing Strangers in the Night. Bars are a common choice for vampires looking to own their own business, due to the simple fact that bars usually thrive at night.


Fangtasia, the bar with a bite.


The employees of Fangtasia are a mix of humans, mainly service staff, and vampires. The position of bartender is traditionally filled by a vampire, generally one who is very attractive and possesses an appealing personality, to put on a better show for the human customers. All management positions mentioned in the books are filled by vampires.



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