Felicia is a vampire from Arkansas who moves to Shreveport to work for Eric Northman. She is a bartender at Fangtasia.


Felicia is fairly even-tempered for a vampire. Sookie thinks she is also "the simplest vampire" she's ever met, though that's probably an exaggeration, considering Bubba's limited mental capacity. Her below-average intelligence may explain why she doesn't understand that Pam is teasing her when she sends Felicia to Sookie to "beg her mercy," claiming that Sookie has a tendency to "kill the bartenders of Fangtasia."

Felicia is a lesbian with no interest in men, as she makes clear when Sookie mistakenly assumes that Pam sent the vampire to Bon Temps to taunt Sookie with Eric's latest sexual partner.


Felicia is nearly six feet tall. Her mixed racial heritage gives her striking coloration, with golden skin and thick, coarse, dark hair which she sometimes wears in cornrows. She has a lilting voice which compliments her exotic looks.

When contemplating vampire strength compared to any human's, Sookie thinks about how "even Felicia" is far stronger than herself, referring to the bartender as the "low vamp on the totem pole." The clear implication is that Felicia isn't very strong at all for a vampire, physically. (All Together Dead)


Before working for Eric, Felicia reported to Peter Threadgill in Arkansas. Because of Felicia's dissatisfaction with Peter's leadership style and expectations, Indira urged her to move to Shreveport. Eric's reputation convinced her, and she took up a position at Fangtasia.



Though their relationship is not explained, Felicia and Indira have known each other long enough and well enough that Indira was able to convince her friend to move to Shreveport.


Felicia is happy to work for Eric, though she has no romantic interest in him. She is glad that Eric doesn't demand sex of his underlings, and that the duties he assigns are generally light. She says that Eric will fulfill his obligations to his underlings as long as they do the same, and considers him exceptionally reasonable by vampire standards.


Despite Sookie's efforts to convince her otherwise, Felicia continues to take Pam's joke about Sookie's killing off Fangtasia's bartenders seriously. Though she doesn't seems to dislike her, Felicia claims without malice that Sookie won't get a chance to kill her because she won't let Sookie "sneak up" on her.

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