Southern Vampire Mysteries

Fintan Brigant is the half fairy son of Niall Brigant in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". He is Adele Stackhouse's lover and grandfather to Sookie Stackhouse. He has a fraternal twin brother, Dermot, who is almost physically identical to his grand-nephew, Jason Stackhouse.


Fintan fell in love with Adele Stackhouse and offered to father children for her since her husband was unable to have children. Fintan fathered Corbett Stackhouse and Linda Delahoussaye. He continued to visit Adele making himself look like her husband. Niall seemed to favor Fintan and respected his wishes not to contact his human relatives. Fintan also sent his good friend and half demon Desmond to visit his children and grandchildren to see if they had the "spark." Fintan died allowing his father to make contact with the only living relative, Sookie Stackhouse (he chose not to meet Jason Stackhouse because of his resemblance to Dermot).