A Touch of Dead
Author Charlaine Harris
Publisher Ace Books
Publication date October 6, 2009
Pages 208
ISBN 978-0-441-01783-6
Previous book Dead and Gone
Next book Dead in the Family

"Gift Wrap" is a short story written by New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris, and is part of the "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" series.

  • Note: This story does not affect the storylines in the Southern Vampires novels in any way, although in a later book Sookie has a vague memory of the events that occur herein.


In "Gift Wrap", Sookie, alone at Christmas, decides to take a walk through the woods. While there she comes upon a gravely injured werewolf named Preston. Although she opens her heart and her home to him and attempts to nurse him back to health, this handsome hunk may actually be a wolf in sheep’s clothing...


Main characters:

Recurring characters:

  • Niall Brigant: a fairy, Sookie's mysterious great-grandfather, who turns up sporadically

Non-recurring characters:

  • Preston: an injured man that Sookie finds in the woods, not knowing that he's a fairy.
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