Southern Vampire Mysteries
Hoyt Fortenberry
Basic Info
Book(s): 7
First Seen Dead Until Dark
Last Seen Dead in the Family
Appeared in: (see below)
Mentioned in: Dead and Gone
Dead Reckoning
Status: Alive
Age: 20s (29 yrs)
Date of Birth: c. 1980
Date of Death:
Also Known As:
Origin: Bon Temps, Louisiana
Profession: Road Crew Worker
Species: Human
Powers and Abilities: No notable powers
Family Members: Ed Fortenberry - Father
Maxine Fortenberry - Mother
Holly Cleary - Fiance
Portrayed By Jim Patricks

Hoyt Fortenberry is a human in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Living in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, Hoyt works on the Louisiana Department of Transportation road crew along with his best friend Jason Stackhouse. He used to live with his controlling mother, Maxine Fortenberry, who loves everything he does.


Dead Until Dark[]

In Dead Until Dark, he works on a road crew with Jason and Rene. Hoyt is the best friend of Jason Stackhouse although is shown to be much kinder and more sensitive than Jason. After Dawn Green's death Sookie Stackhouse hears Hoyt thinking how he will miss her beautiful voice, while all the other men are thinking about her sexual attributes. 

Dead to the World[]

In Dead to the World, Sookie mentions that he is not that smart.

Dead as a Doornail[]

In Dead as a Doornail, upon hearing his thoughts, Sookie discovers that Hoyt was thinking about his mom's plan for him to put in about ten rose bushes in her already extensive garden. Gloomy, but obedient he was trying to figure out how much time the task would take.

All Together Dead[]

In All Together Dead, Hoyt attends Jason's wedding at Hotshot and feels lost when Jason marries Crystal.

From Dead to Worse[]

In From Dead to Worse, he soon recovers and becomes involved with Holly Cleary, happily including both Holly and her son in his life as he asks her to marry him.

Physical Appearance[]

He is not dark nor fair, not big nor little. He is big and beefy.


Sookie describes Hoyt as always seemed cheerful, tipped decent and obedient. He is also brave, seen when he made sure Sookie knew they threatened her with horrible things. Sookie also notes that Hoyt is also not that smart.

HBO portrayal[]

Jim Parrack plays Hoyt in the HBO series True Blood, and the character's arc is much different from that in the book. Hoyt lives with his mother, who controls his life. In the TV series, Hoyt begins a romantic relationship with young vampire Jessica.


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