Southern Vampire Mysteries

Humans are a race of mortal, sentient animals who are members of the species homo sapiens. In "The Southern Vampire Mysteries", the main protagonist Sookie Stackhouse is a human. Humans are portrayed to have different reactions to vampires. Humans serve both as a food source as well as a means of pro-creation for vampires, who reproduce by performing a ritual that will transform a human being into an undead immortal. Humans make up for the majority of the earth's population, and are commonly noted for their desire to influence and understand the environment by seeking to explain and manipulate phenomena through mythology, philosophy, religion, and science.

Types of Humans[]


"Fangbangers" are vampire groupies—those who enjoy having sex with vampires and being bitten, perhaps consume vampire blood, or just like the excitement of being around vampires. Furthermore, demand for vampire blood has been growing on the black market, as the blood is very powerful and addictive.


"Drainers" are the humans who attack vampires in order to drain their blood, though it is a hazardous job.

In this universe, the effects of vampire blood in humans are a feeling of power, increased strength, acute vision and hearing, increased sexual desire, and enhanced physical appearance. The results are notoriously unpredictable and vary per person, lasting from weeks to months. Some people go mad when the blood hits their systems. Vampires hate drainers and the users of the drained blood. A vial of blood can cost from $200 to $400 depending on the age of the vampire and the preference of the seller. Some humans have not accepted vampires as creatures of God, and organizations such as the Fellowship of the Sun are against vampires and their existence.

Other Examples[]

Other human characters include Terry Bellefleur and Arlene Fowler.