Southern Vampire Mysteries

Hunter Savoy


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Telepathic human with some fairy lineage
Telepathy: Hunter can hear the thoughts of all humans and various other creatures to varying extents.
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Family members
Hadley Delahoussaye (mother)

Hunter Savoy is a telepathic fae in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". The son of the late Hadley Delahoussaye and her estranged husband Remy Savoy, Hunter is a first-cousin once removed to Sookie and Jason Stackhouse.


Sookie learns from her conversation's with Amelia Broadway's father that Hadley had a baby. When Sookie came to visit Remy and Hunter, she discovers that he's a telepath like her. Sookie, in the tenth book, "Dead in the Family", tries to help Hunter gain control over his telepathy but has problems with it because he is so young, yet mature for his age. Claude is the only one, besides Hunter's father Remy and Sookie, to know Hunter is a telepath for the child's safety.

HBO Portrayal[]

On the HBO original series, True Blood, Hunter is portrayed by American child actor Max Charles.