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JB du Rone is Tara Thornton's husband in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". First introduced in the book Dead Until Dark, JB is a classmate of Sookie Stackhouse.


Physical AppearanceEdit

He is described as beautiful and very muscular, but not very intelligent.



He is the husband of Tara Thornton, and the father of her children.



Sookie and Tara had looked out for JB in school, since he was not as smart, but very handsome, boys would try to pick fights with him. Since Tara and Sookie were not that popular, they tried to protect JB as much as they could. In return, he took Sookie to some of the dances she wanted to go to and JB's family had given Tara a place to stay when Sookie could not.

Dead Until DarkEdit

All Together DeadEdit

In All Together Dead, Sookie serving Tara and JB at Merlotte's Bar and Grill, when she learned that Tara came to Merlotte's to tell Sookie about JB's new job, working in a Health Club in Clarice.

From Dead to WorseEdit

Dead in the FamilyEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sookie describes JB as lovely: impressive muscles, handsome face, and straight white teeth. 


JB is described as good natured and neat. He can also "project simple lust."


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