Jackson Herveaux is a werewolf in The Southern Vampire Mysteries. The owner of a surveying company, Jackson is Alcide's father, and it is revealed early in the series that he has a gambling problem and Alcide needs to help Eric Northman to pay off his father's debt. He also has a human daughter named Janice Herveaux who owns a beauty salon in their hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.

When Colonel Flood dies in a car accident Jackson bides for packmaster. He competes against Patrick Furman, the owner of the local Harley Davidson shop. Sookie Stackhouse reveals Furman is cheating and Jackson is given the win in the first two tasks in the challenge. When the men enter the area as wolves it is a fight to the death and Furman wins, snapping Jackson's neck. Jackson's body is repaired by Dr. Ludwig and left on the family farm to be discovered at a later time.

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