Jade Flower is a vampire in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries", a series of novels written by "New York Times" bestselling author Charlaine Harris. She first appears in the series' sixth novel, Definitely Dead.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jade is described as being of Asian descent and having short unevenly cut hair. Jade loves to wear the color red, which does not suit her well.




Definitely DeadEdit

Jade is the guard of Louisiana Vampire Queen Sophie-Ann Le'Clerq. Jade shows a strong hate for Sookie Stackhouse and eventually tries to kill her. Jade followed Gladiola and sliced her in half with her large sword. Gladiola was sending a message to Sookie when she was murdered. While at the wedding ceremony for Sophie-Anne and Peter Threadgill a huge brawl erupts. During the fight, Jade crawls over to Sookie and tries to bite and kill her. Jade's leg was dismembered during the fight, which is why she crawls. Bill Compton jumps on her back and kills her. It is later revealed that Jade nearly drained Jake Purifoy, planning on framing Hadley Delahoussaye for his death. However, Hadley turns Jake into a vampire by feeding him her blood while he is at the point of death.

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