Southern Vampire Mysteries

Jake Purifoy was a vampire in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". First appearing in the novel Definitely Dead, Jake was misidentified as a corpse by Sookie Stackhouse and Amelia Broadway. While cleaning out her cousin Hadley Delahoussaye's apartment, she finds a naked Jake lying on the closet floor. Jake's body was not giving off a rotting odor making Sookie confused. Jake is revealed to be one of Quinn's workers that has been missing. Amelia immediately recognizes him and reveals that he was a were . Jake was left in the closet for weeks but never changed because Amelia placed a spell that made nothing rot or change in the apartment. When the "corpse" twitches Sookie and Amelia realize that he is a newly made vampire. Newly made vampires are extremely hungry. Jake, with fully extended fangs, bites Amelia's leg. Sookie rushes to help Amelia but soon attracts his attention to her. Sookie and Amelia rush out of the closet. Sookie calls the police but is soon bitten by Jake in her arm. Amelia casts a spell that lights his face on fire which only distracts him. The vampire police rush into the apartment and quickly control him, feeding him synthetic blood. Jake is taken to the station while Sookie and Amelia are rushed to the hospital. Later it is revealed that Jade Flower nearly drained him to death. Hadley Delahoussaye found him in her apartment nearly dead. She quickly fed him her blood to transform him into a vampire. The Queen of Louisiana put him with a mentor who taught him. Jake does not enjoy being a were-turned-vampire because of the rivalry between the two species.