Janice Herveaux
Basic Info
Book(s): 1
First Seen Club Dead
Last Seen Club Dead
Appeared in:
Mentioned in:
Status: Alive
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 1984
Date of Death:
Also Known As:
Origin: Jackson, Mississippi
Profession: Hairdresser
Species: * Human
Powers and Abilities: * All human abilities
  • Ability to transform into wolf form
  • All werewolf abilities
Family Members: Jackson Herveaux - Father
Alcide Herveaux - Brother †
Portrayed By Dawn Olivieri (In the series: True Blood)

Janice Herveaux is a werewolf in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Appearing only briefly in the series, Janice is the sister of werewolf Alcide Herveaux, and the daughter of werewolf Jackson Herveaux.


Janice has a calming personality.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Janice has curly black hair.


HBO PortrayalEdit


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