Long Tooth, or the Long Tooth Pack, refers to a specific pack of werewolves in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries", a series of books by New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris.

Based out of Shreveport, Louisiana, when the pack is first introduced in "Dead to the World", Colonel Flood is the packmaster. During the events of "Dead to the World", the pack works with the Shreveport vampires to defend against Hallow Stonebrook and her coven of witches.

When Colonel Flood is killed in a car accident two of the male members of the pack move into competition to become packmaster. The two men hoping to be the next leader are Jackson Hereveaux, father of Alcide, and Patrick Furman. Sookie is called to the competition which is overseen by the weretiger Quinn, during the competition she discovers that Furman was using a numbing substance to give himself an advantage over Jackson. The pack votes to give Jackson the win for the first two tasks and the two wolves are left to fight to death. Furman wins then match snapping Jackson's neck in the end. He ascends to packmaster leaving the pack unified over the contests events.

When a rival pack moves into Shreveport and begins killing off female weres the pack is at odds. Maria Star Cooper, Alcide's girlfriend is one of the first victims. The weres who supported Jackson in the packmaster contest think Furman is behind the attacks. The Furman supporters think Alcide is behind the attacks. The issue comes to a head when Furman's family is taken. At a meeting the new weres expose their existence and their leader says the killings were her doing since her pack was displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The weres of the pack fight the invading pack leaving Furman dead. The pack accepts Alcide as the new packmaster.

Known members of the packEdit

  • Colonel Flood (deceased)
  • Maria Star Cooper (deceased)
  • Jackson Hereveaux (deceased)
  • Patrick Furman (deceased)
  • Alcided Herveaux
  • Jannalyn Hopper
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