Southern Vampire Mysteries
What happened to this vampire ho?
-Eric, asking Sookie of Lorena's fate.
Lorena Ball
Basic Info
Book(s): 1
First Seen Club Dead
Last Seen Club Dead
Appeared in: (see below)
Mentioned in: Dead to the World
All Together Dead
Dead in the Family
Dead Reckoning
Status: Deceased
Age: 300 (vampire years)
Date of Birth:
Date of Death: c. 1788 (turned)
December 12, 2004 (final death)
Also Known As:
Origin: Unknown; presumed New Orleans
Profession: Callous
Species: Vampire
Powers and Abilities: All vampire abilities.
Enhanced strength, speed, senses, co-ordination, balance and durability
Ability to heal all injuries
Can extend and retract fangs to drink from humans
Ability to glamour humans
Family Members: Solomon Brunswick - Maker
Bill Compton - Progeny
Judith Vardamon - Progeny
Portrayed By Mariana Klaveno

Lorena Ball was a vampire, and the maker of Bill Compton, in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries".



Lorena was working as a prostitute in New Orleans when she meets Solomon Brunswick in 1788. Fascinated when Solomon drains a customer whose throat she slit for not paying, she has Solomon turn her and travels with him for a long time. She eventually bretrays her sire, pretending to be human when she is caught with a dead child she is draining and blaming the death on Solomon, and go their sepereated ways.

Lorena sees Bill after he returns home from the Civil War and falls in love as she spies on him and his family. She takes him by surprise one night and fakes his death so that she can have him as a companion and lover. She compels him to stay with her, even going as far as to create a companion for him by turning a woman who resembles his lost wife. 

Club Dead[]

In Club Dead, though she finally allows her children to leave, she calls Bill back again after eighty-odd years when she learns of his profitable vampire database. When she cannot seduce its location from him, she resorts to tourture to get not only the database but also the name of the woman Bill is involved with. Lorena attacks Sookie while she is rescuing Bill and meets her final death at Sookie's hands.

Physical Appearance[]

Lorena is described as being blonde and having brown eyes and a smaller build than Sookie's.

HBO portrayal[]

In the HBO series True Blood, Lorena's character, renamed Lorena Krasiki, undergoes a number of changes from book to screen. She is portrayed by Mariana Klaveno throughout the series.


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