A Touch of Dead
Author Charlaine Harris
Publisher Ace Books
Publication date Oct 6, 2009
Pages 208
ISBN 978-0-441-01783-6
Previous book Dead and Gone
Next book Dead in the Family

Lucky is a short story from Charlaine Harris from the world of the Southern Vampire Mysteries series. It can be found in the anthology A Touch of Dead.

  • Note: Two characters from this story are mentioned in passing in a later book, but this story does not affect the storylines in the Southern Vampires novels in any way.


An insurance agent named Greg Aubert asks Sookie Stackhouse to investigate a break-in at his office. He is worried that someone will discover that he uses magic spells to protect both his property and his clients. Sookie, along with her Witch friend Amelia, discover that the break-in was just Greg's daughter and her secretive boyfriend, who is actually a recently-turned vampire. However, Sookie learns that two other agents in town have had break-ins, and all are getting excessive amounts of claims which may drive them out of business. Perhaps Greg's spells have been using up all the luck in town...


Main characters

Recurring characters

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