Southern Vampire Mysteries

A Maker is a vampire who turns a human into a vampire. In "The Southern Vampire Mysteries", a "Maker" is known to make as many vampires as he/she desires. The new vampire (also known as a progeny) must then stay with their maker until they are released and know enough about the vampire laws. Progeny must obey to his/her maker(they have no choice). According to the vampire law,if progeny is killed by other vampire, the maker must be paid for the loss.

Known Makers and Progenies[]

Appius Livius Ocella - (Eric Northman, Alexei Romanov)

Alain - (Sophie-Anne Leclerq)

Sophie-Anne Leclerq - (Andre,Sigebert, Wybert)

Eric Northman - (Pam)

Solomon Brunswick - Lorena

Lorena Ball - (Bill Compton, Judith Vardamon)