A Maker is a vampire who turns a human into a vampire. In "The Southern Vampire Mysteries", a "Maker" is known to make as many vampires as he/she desires. The new vampire (also known as a progeny) must then stay with their maker until they are released and know enough about the vampire laws. Progeny must obey to his/her maker(they have no choice). According to the vampire law,if progeny is killed by other vampire, the maker must be paid for the loss.

Known Makers and ProgeniesEdit

Appius Livius Ocella - (Eric Northman, Alexei Romanov)

Alain - (Sophie-Anne Leclerq)

Sophie-Anne Leclerq - (Andre,Sigebert, Wybert)

Eric Northman - (Pam)

Solomon Brunswick - Lorena

Lorena Ball - (Bill Compton, Judith Vardamon)

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