Mel Hart is a full-blooded werepanther in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Becoming good friends with Jason Stackhouse, following Jason's falling out with his other friend, Hoyt, Mel seems overly devoted to Jason, and is always seen hanging out with him, drinking, eating, and even going on double dates with Jason and his wife, Crystal Norris.


Mel, a full-blood panther, was once a member of the Hotshot Community, but left it to live in town. He let it be known it was his choice to leave, but it turns out that he was exiled from the community because he was gay and did not want to produce a child with a woman, as the community demanded of him. Sookie later finds out that Mel was involved in the murder of Jason's estranged and adulteress wife, Crystal. When Mel stopped by Jason's to get some wood, Crystal made some cruel remarks about his homosexuality and his love for Jason. Mel, already jealous of and angry at Crystal, slashes her with a half-transformed clawed hand. He then quickly leaves the scene with Crystal unconscious but alive. However, after Mel leaves Crystal in that vulnerable position she is kidnapped by two faeries and crucified. It is unclear whether or not she could have survived Mel's attack. However, because he left her there, Mel is punished by being torn apart by the Hotshot pack-members.

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