Southern Vampire Mysteries
Niall Brigant
Basic Info
Book(s): 3
First Seen From Dead to Worse
Last Seen Gift Wrap
Appeared in:
Mentioned in: Dead in the Family
Dead Reckoning
Status: Alive
Age: 2100+
Date of Birth: B.C.E
Date of Death:
Also Known As:
Origin: Fairy
Profession: Drug Store Owner
Fairy Prince
Species: Fairy
Powers and Abilities: Magic
Family Members: Branna - Wife/Mate
Dillon Brigant - Son
Binne - Daughter-In-Law
Claudine Crane - Granddaughter
Claude Crane - Grandson
Claudette Crane - Granddaughter
Einin - Wife/Mate
Fintan Brigant - Son
Dermot Brigant
Adele Hale - Daughter-In-Law
Corbett Stackhouse - Grandson
Jason Stackhouse - Great-Grandson]]
Sookie Stackhouse
Linda Stackhouse - Granddaughter
Hadley Delahoussaye - Great-Granddaughter
Portrayed By Rutger Hauer

Niall Brigant is a fairy prince, and the great-grandfather to Sookie and Jason Stackhouse in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". Like other supernaturals fairies have interests in a variety of human businesses, including a drug company whose products have uses for the fairies. He tells Sookie that his son, Fintan, and Sookie's grandmother, Adele, had two children: Corbett (her father) and Linda (her aunt and Hadley's mother). Adele's husband could not give her children. Niall is a fairy prince who has powerful enemies and wants to keep his new relationship with his great-granddaughter secret in order to protect her.

Physical Appearance[]

Niall's glamour is that of an elegant, handsome older man with green eyes, pale long hair. He also is tall and slim. 



Niall's son Fintan tries to keep his human descendants hidden from the fae by ceasing all contact with them, but Niall disregards his son's decree to stay away and visits Jason as a child, losing interest when he realizes Jason's complete humanity. When Niall discovers Sookie's essential spark, he begins to surreptitiously keep an eye on her, using both Terry Bellefleur and Eric Northman as sources of information. Niall has dinner with her following Fintan's death.

From Dead to Worse[]

He is Sookie and Jason's great-grandfather and Claude and Claudine's grandfather. 

Dead and Gone[]

In Dead and Gone, Niall expresses distaste for Jason, associating him with another son Dermont, to whom Jason bears a remarkable resemblance. Although he wants to know and love his great-granddaughter, Niall brings tragedy and pain to Sookie's life where her existence becomes known to a faction of fairies led by Breandan, Niall's nephew, who is oppose Niall and the idea of mingling in any way with Humans. Niall joins Bill in rescuing Sookie when she is kidnapped and tortured as a means to bring about his surrender. Niall ultimately defeats Breandan. Niall is the only remaining fairy prince, but the experience causes him to question his wisdom of associating with humans, since the encounters usually only cause them harm. He decides to close all portals to Faerie, more to save humanity from the fae than to save fae from humanity.

Gift Wrap[]

Niall was also behind the events at Sookie's house one Christmas Eve, arranging for a visitor so Sookie wouldn't be alone.


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