Portia Bellefluer


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Andy Bellefleur - Brother
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Courtney Ford

Portia Bellefleur is a character introduced in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". She is an attorney, the cousin of Terry Bellefleur, and Andy Bellfleur's sister.


Andy Bellefleur's sister. She is portrayed as "a plain woman just past thirty, whose best feature is her thick, shining chestnut hair". Portia is a lawyer who is proud of her family's once wealthy and distinguished heritage, which has been much tarnished by financial reversals, so that she and her brother now live with their grandmother Caroline in a decaying ante bellum mansion. Following the finding of Lafayette's dead body in her brother Andy's car in the novels, Portia begins casually dating Bill in order to find out any information that can clear her brother as Lafayette's killer. Because the murder is thought to be connected with some kind of sex parties, her thought is that dating a vampire will gain the attention of those holding the parties, so she will be invited and can find out more. Bill Compton later discovers that the Bellefleurs are his descendants and provides the family with an anonymous fortune from a "deceased relative", knowing that they would be horrified if he were to tell them the truth of the connection.


In the book Dead Until Dark Portia is mentioned to be Andy's younger sister. However, C.H. contradicts this in the book From Dead To Worse and states she is Andy's older sister.

HBO PortrayalEdit

She is portrayed by Courtney Ford in the fourth season of the HBO original series True Blood.

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