Southern Vampire Mysteries
Russell Edgington
Basic Info
Book(s): 2
First Seen Club Dead
Last Seen All Together Dead
Appeared in: (see below)
Mentioned in: Dead as a Doornail
Dead and Gone
Status: Undead
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Also Known As:
Origin: Unknown; presumed Jackson, Mississippi
Profession: King of Mississippi
Species: Vampire
Powers and Abilities: Enhanced strength, speed, senses, co-ordination, balance and durability
Ability to heal all injuries
Can extend and retract fangs to drink from humans
Ability to glamour humans
Family Members: Bartlett Crowe - Husband
Talbot - Companion (formerly)
Portrayed By Dennis O'Hare

Russell Edgington is the Vampire King of Mississippi in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries".


Described as the perfect southern gentleman, Russell prefers men, and Talbot is his steady human companion.

Physical Appearance[]

Russell is described as short, has red hair and a thick southern accent.



Club Dead []

In Club Dead, Russell does not intervene when Lorena Ball takes up residence on his property to torture information about the vampire database out of Bill, but he is able to reach a tentative peace with Bill after his escape.

Dead as a Doornail[]

In Dead as a Doornail, Sookie learns that he collects the “unusual”.

Dead and Gone[]

All Together Dead[]

In All Together Dead, while at the Rhodes summit, Russell completes marriage negotions with the King of Indiana, Bartlett Crowe, and they are married in the full regalia by Eric. They happy couple survive the bombing with only minor injuries.


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