Southern Vampire Mysteries

Selah Pumphery is a real estate saleswoman from Clarice in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". She is first introduced in the series' fifth novel, Dead as a Doornail, as Bill Compton's date.

Physical Appearance[]

She is depicted as a slim brunette with shoulder-length hair. She is taller than Sookie Stackhouse and ten pounds lighter and has expensive, expertly done makeup.


When Sookie reads her mind for the first time, Selah thinks she is slimmer, smarter, better educated, and has more money than Sookie, but she doubts her sexual skills because she believes lower-class women are better in bed. Sookie hates her immediately and thinks Selah is an elitist. Bill and Selah date until the eighth novel, From Dead to Worse when Selah moves to Little Rock because she has gotten a position from a larger firm, and Bill admits that he believes Selah was only interested in him because he's a vampire. Throughout Selah’s relationship with Bill, Bill has always told Sookie that he is still in love with her.


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