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True Blood

Enter the realm of Fairy!

Season of the witch

Charlaine Harris



A Touch of Dead is an anthology that contains every short story written by Charlaine Harris featuring the telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse from the series The Southern Vampire Mysteries. The stories offer self-contained plots and characters, though there are a few brief instances where characters and incidents overlap with the series of novels.

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Asnow89 Asnow89 1 May 2015

Ask Charlaine Harris YOUR Questions

HEY Charlaine Harris fans!

Guess what? Wikia's Y.A. Society is moderating a panel at BookCon on May 31, which is featuring... Charlaine Harris!!! We are really excited to have the opportunity to meet C…

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Adamantoise Adamantoise 2 March 2015

Slow steps towards the future

Hey everyone! For those of you keeping up with my blog over on the True Blood Wiki, you know our wiki is changing, slowly but surely. Not exactly something we wanted to happen, but something Wikia is…

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Adamantoise Adamantoise 8 September 2014

Consistency and Uniformity Throughout

Those of you who know me from the Southern Vampire Mysteries sister wiki - the True Blood wiki, than you know I'm somewhat hellbent on achieving consistency and uniformity throughout. While I know I …

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Nameless Wikia contributer Nameless Wikia contributer 6 September 2013

Too much True Blood influence


I couldn't help but notice that some information has been copied and pasted from the True Blood Wikia. Especially the Vampire page. One thing I noticed is that whenever a vampire's abilities are d…

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DragonMama DragonMama 1 March 2013

Missing something?

In Definitely Dead, the author refers to Hadley, her death, and scenes where Sookie is in court with Hadley's killer.  I don't recall all this in any of the previous books?

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Meganhassler Meganhassler 19 May 2011

Does Bill have a chance?

Does Bill Compton have a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of Sookie?

With his continued use and abuse of Sookie throughout the beginning of the series and his alterior motives in originally meetin…

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