Southern Vampire Mysteries

Spells are the medium by which witches use magic. In "The Southern Vampire Mysteries", spells vary greatly in their composition and requirements, but are essentially ritualized prayers that enable the manipulation of magic for specific purposes. They are often spoken as an incantation, chant or prayer, and can theoretically be recited in any language. Many witches seem to have a preference for Latin. Strictly speaking, the language and even the words of the spell are immaterial; the act of speaking a spell gives the witch something to focus on– some find spells easier to work in a familiar language (namely Wiccans with religious connections to magic), others find that they have an easier time with the symbolism and mystery of a dead or unfamiliar language (such as witches who seek magic for power). Witches of sufficient power and practice can cast spells without verbal components, perhaps substituting words with hand gestures to focus their magic. Witches capable of nonverbal spellcasting may still use incantations for more powerful spells.

Spells can be broken or be temporarily interrupted by photokinesis.