Basic Info
Book(s): 1
First Seen Club Dead
Last Seen Club Dead
Appeared in:
Mentioned in: Dead as a Doornail
Status: Unknown; presumed alive
Age: 20s
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Also Known As:
Origin: Unknown; presumed Jackson, Mississippi
Profession: Fangbanger
Species: Human
Powers and Abilities:
Family Members: Russell Edgington - Lover (former)
Portrayed By Theo Alexander

Talbot was the human companion of the Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries".



Club DeadEdit

In Club Dead, Talbot is Russell's steady human companion until Russell's marriage to fellow vampire Bartlete Crowe.

HBO portrayalEdit

On the HBO original series True Blood, Talbot is portrayed by Theo Alexander. He is the vampire child of Russell and his consort and has been for almost 700 years. Russell deeply cares for him but treats him more like a possession than an equal. Talbot gets easily frustrated when his home is damaged and resents visitors, or at least those who disrupt his routine. Despite this he is an excellent host and values manners and etiquette. He is killed by Eric Northman, to get back at Russell Edgington.


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