Thalia is an ancient Greek vampire. She is so old that she came across Odysseus, who lived on a neighbouring island, “a time or two”.[1]Thalia first appears in the short story Dracula Night.[2]She moved to Shreveport after having been expelled from a nest in Illinois for aggressive behaviour.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Thalia is described as very small with an extremely white face, tightly waving black hair and a classical profile. She speaks stilted English.


Thalia works at 'Fangtasia' in spite of her reluctance to join the outted vampire community. Pam once told Sookie that “when Eric had agreed to let Thalia live in Shreveport, it was the equivalent of keeping a badly trained pit bull tethered in the yard”. She is considered cold, ruthless, and despises humans, which has oddly earned her a large devoted following in the human community, including her own website. Her great age lets her regenerate limbs by attaching a severed one to the wound instead of growing them back.

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