Southern Vampire Mysteries

Tray Dawson is a full-blooded werewolf in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". He is first introduced in Dead as a Doornail and is portrayed as being a “slab of muscle… a barrel-shaped man.” Sookie Stackhouse thinks he looks “dangerous.”

Dead as a Doornail[]

In this novel, he is hired to be Calvin Norris’ bodyguard and is injured when Sweetie Des Arts shoots him while he is protecting Sookie. He lives apart from the Shreveport Pack, and is the owner of a motorcycle shop. Because of his strength, Tray is often used as a bodyguard. Tray starts dating Sookie's roommate, Amelia Broadway, in From Dead to Worse. In Dead and Gone, Sookie hires him for protection, but while guarding Sookie, Tray drinks poisoned vampire blood and ends up being captured and severely tortured. While in the hospital, on the verge of death, he grabs hold of the fairy Breandan with the last of his strength, successfully causing a diversion. Breandan kills Tray, but his final act had given Bill Compton time to deliver the killing blow to the fairy.