On a Mission

Those of you who know me from the Southern Vampire Mysteries sister wiki - the True Blood wiki, than you know I'm somewhat hellbent on achieving consistency and uniformity throughout. While I know I am still somewhat new here, I have been a fan of the True Blood series since I first saw the very first ad for it. And being that this series of book was the basis for the series makes them even more special and worthy of attention. Setting the standard, and revealing canon not normally found in the series, the novels are the true basis for the world that we know and love. I hold the television series and the novels equally in my heart and they both go hand in hand. Therefore it wouldn't be right to do one and not the other. Both are equally important, and I would love to see both thrive with encyclopedic content. But the encyclopedia-fication can only occur when each and every article becomes part of a matching set. Therefore, I plan on trying to "encyclopediacize" the content, for a number of aesthetic reasons. This wiki is truly spectacular, and I want it to be all that it can be.

As I acquiesce and read each book, I plan on trying to ensure that all of the content is factual, accurate, reliable and dependable. The wiki has come so far, and now, except for a possible series' spin-off that may be in the works, the wiki is almost "complete". Therefore, with no new content to be added, it's all about trying to rework the existing article structures to achieve a more cohesive, encyclopedia-like tone.

It'll be a work in progress, but I'll always be here if anyone has any questions about the wiki or the series. Adamantoise (talk) 04:27, September 8, 2014 (UTC)