Southern Vampire Mysteries

Vampire blood bottles from HBO's True Blood.

Vampire blood, or V is different from human blood, and is what gives vampires their abilities.

In "The Southern Vampire Mysteries", if vampire blood is taken by a human in a small dose (one or two drops), it is highly addictive, heightens the senses, and increases strength and sexual pleasure. However if taken in a large dose, it will cause different effects such as healing someone who has injuries, even if they are close to death. If taken in a large dose when there is no injury on the human consuming the V, then they will have an extremely increased libido, men will experience an enhanced erection, heightened strength for several days after consumption, and feel unwell.

The Vampire community has kept the healing properties of their blood a secret from the mortal community, as people may hunt vampires for their vampire blood to heal people, causing them to kill or capture the vampires.