Victor Madden is the Regent in "The Southern Vampire Mysteries". A regent designated by Vampire King Felipe de Castro, Victor is the Regent who rules over the state of Louisiana,


Ambitious, treacherous and vain, Victor does not appear to be satisfied as a mere proxy ruler for Felipe, although he does not risk directly challenging or disobeying his master. Instead he focuses his energy on undermining and attacking Eric Northman, as the only powerful retainer of Queen Sophie-Anne to survive the hostile takeover of the state.


"Dead Reckoning"Edit

Eric and Pam even speculate that Felipe sent him to Louisiana simply to distance Victor from the king's real power base in Las Vegas. While he occasionally uses minions to directly threaten Pam, Sookie or others close to Eric, Victor also uses a variety of indirect assaults. In Dead Reckoning, Victor opens two rival nightclubs to siphon business away from Fangtasia and Merlotte's, while attempting to bait Eric into a fight or some other violation of the vampire hierarchy's strict protocols. He's killed by Sookie Stackhouse.

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